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Easyliner Mechanical Lipliner Pencil

Product info

Smooth moves – that’s what you want from a lip liner. This perfect pencil, available in five (five!) full-coverage shades, has a creamy, glide-on consistency. Super-versatile, it can be used to corral your favorite lipstick or gloss and prevent feathering, or worn alone. And the retractable tip means it never has to be sharpened. Now we’re talking easy.

To outline your lips, make an X on the center of your upper lip (lip cleavage). Following the contour of your mouth, start from the outer edges of your lips and work your way towards center of your upper lip (where the x is marked). This will prevent from making one arch higher, pointier or rounder than the other.  

Tip:  Before applying your lipliner, cover your lips lightly with your foundation or pressed powder.