Brushworks Konjac Sponge

Product info

Suitable for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin types.

the brushworks Pink Clay Konjac Sponge gently eliminates dirt and impurities without abrasion. Crafted from natural vegetable fibre, the biodegradable and fully sustainable sponge contains a blend of Red and White Clay to effectively refreshes and rejuvenates delicate skin.

The Black Charcoal Konjac is ideal for someone with oily skin or those who are prone to spots and blackheads. The charcoal contains activated carbon and various minerals that are a natural anti-oxidant, helping to fight against acne-causing bacteria.

The Green Clay Konjac is ideal for normal and combination skin as it sterilises your skin, to ensure it keeps acne-causing bacteria at bay. This Konjac also helps to absorb dirt, oil and bacteria whilst gently cleansing the pores.

The Original White Konjac will help neutralise your skins PH and is suitable for all skin types.